Shannon Olexa – New York artist – International Classical Figure Painting Competition

“Through meditation, you can experience some beautiful things. You can only experience these things once you do it, it is hard to express in words. But, I wanted to paint it, to paint things people can’t see with their eyes. This painting was a real breakthrough for me, I feel this type of painting is harder than those cultural paintings of the past, because it is something people cannot see with their eyes, so it is very difficult.”

Since 1999, the Chinese Communist regime has been severely persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China. Over 3000 deaths from torture have been documented.

The other gold award painting, “Determination Under Persecution,” depicts a female Falun Gong practitioner undergoing torture, yet she maintains determination and compassion.

Local Artist Shannon Olexa says he recognizes this determination in the painting.

Shannon Olexa, New York Based Artist:
“I think the ruffles in the fine lace of her shirt, contrasting with the rusty metal heavy chain is a theme throughout the whole painting. Despite her obviously tortured physicality or how she’s there, I still see a peace and determination in her eyes, it seems as if her soul is not troubled. I guess that’s the nature of persecution, if your cause is right, then it’s worth fighting for.”

All of the paintings will be on display at the Salmagundi Club on New York’s 5th Avenue until December 3rd.

Shannon Olexa

“What a colorful city! “



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