Simple and Short Party Dresses

Published: May 06, 1990

Keep it simple, and keep it short. That’s the way to go for spring and summer parties. Unless it’s a white-tie affair, a long dress simply looks old this year. Short dresses look young and modern, especially when they bare the arms and shoulders.

”A long dress takes a lot of presence,” said Joan Kaner, fashion director of Neiman-Marcus. ”It’s strictly formal-formal. A short dress can be worn for many different occasions. It’s less serious. Most women are less intimidated by the idea of putting on a short dress.”

Now that winter is over, many women will want to put away their little evening suits in favor of something that shows some skin. The newest dresses are sleeveless shifts. They may have halter necks with low backs or off-the-shoulder necklines. They may be strapless or cut like a slip with thin straps. And they don’t have to be black.

No Wait for Sequins

”The little black dress looks fabulous and continues to sell,” said Olexa, Lord & Taylor’s senior vice president for fashion merchandising, ”but we’re also selling beading and sequins. It used to be that sequins were only for fall, but no more.”


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