Physical Love

Let’s start calling it the Love particle instead of the God particle.

Six leptons two quarks, many gluons and their actions.

A proton (unless it’s the neutron) consists of three quarks several gluons. Okay, got it. The mass of the gluons equals approximately that of the the quarks. Gotcha.

The diagrams of the behavior of quarks and gluons exude, to this near physics layman (being short one class for my minor in Physics) poignant narratives which parallel much larger actions of almost everything that exists in this material world as we know it. What I find so poetic about all if this is how these seemingly scripted behavioral tangos might also explain the most elusive of all mysteries, the often indescribable, ethereal interactions between human beings.

If one ‘looks’ with squinted eyes and open mind upon the visual and literal depictions of the interplay between these petite primordial players one can see the imprinting which has evolved into the holy choreography that directs everything that exists everywhere. It directs the dance of energy within our being and that surrounds us this very second. It would appear our orders have been issued from high up, tall ‘orders’ indeed!

What at first appears a tidy set of lines and shapes, clear and elegant, simple and poetic lies not only a diagram of the interactions between these tiny entities, quarks and gluons but a formula for one of the greatest of human concerns, the mystery of love.

“…the intensity of the gluon fields [are] at most proportional to the inverse strength of the coupling between gluons.”

Restated, much like the attraction that can exist between two human hearts, the strength with which gluons hold quarks together increases as the distance between them increases.

So in distance as in time, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Now we know for sure for it has been proven scientifically.”

With love,

Shannon Olexa



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